I write about enterprise technology services, solutions and products for technology companies, research institutes, publishing firms and other organizations that need educational and marketing content that’s interesting, thoughtful, focused and coherent. I specialize in reaching CxOs, IT staff and end users in government, education, healthcare and corporate markets.

What I Do

  • Research technologies, trends, competitors and other topics
  • Develop detailed, organized outlines
  • Interview key stakeholders, including customers and internal subject matter experts
  • Write and edit drafts and final versions
  • Manage the internal and external approval process, if needed

Types of Content

  • Case studies and white papers that explain technology to enterprise end users
  • Issue and solution briefs that describe how to overcome specific business and operational challenges
  • Research reports and journal articles that use quantitative and qualitative research
  • Policy papers that describe problems, discuss options and define positions
  • Ghostwritten articles that establish an executive as a thought leader
  • Data sheets or brochures that promote product benefits
  • Other long- or short-form copy, including blog posts, press releases, backgrounders, newsletters, web copy, FAQs and handbooks

Let me help you tell your story. Contact me when you’re ready to get started.