Differentiating Healthcare Services and Patient Engagement

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 8.43.05 AMIn today’s competitive healthcare environment, patients are playing a larger decision-making role in choosing and managing treatment options than ever before. Yesterday’s patients have become today’s healthcare consumers and empowered patients are shopping for more personalized health services and providers that stand out from the crowd.

Differentiation factors that creates more consumer value with emphasis on patient comfort and clinician satisfaction can help providers to differentiate themselves by delivering services more quickly, affordably and conveniently; upgrading clinics, facilities and equipment; expanding healthcare choices; developing new delivery models, improving service quality; increasing transparency; and enhancing clinical quality and safety.

And don’t overlook patient engagement. Today’s sophisticated consumers expect to engage in their healthcare decisions in the same ways that they use for any other consumer purchase. Evidence suggests that patients who are actively involved in their health and healthcare experience tend to have better outcomes at a lower cost.

Read more about how to differentiate healthcare services through patient engagement in this blog post, originally published on the CarePassport blog. If the link disappears, read the archived PDF version instead.

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