Cloud Services: IT Strategy or Business Model?

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 10.19.18 AMBusinesses, schools and healthcare facilities are fighting an ongoing battle to do more with less. For IT departments, this means helping employees be more productive, enabling more efficient delivery of customer products and services and developing cost-cutting technology strategies. Cloud services are a key approach for purchasing and deploying IT services to support these business objectives. Commodity services like email, storage, content management, and web hosting aren’t innovative or business-specific, yet every deployment reinvents the wheel and wastes scarce IT resources on management and administration.

Depending on existing in-house infrastructure, staffing resources, budget requirements and legal and regulatory concerns, IT departments can migrate commodity services to the cloud and score big productivity gains and cost savings. Cloud services have gained traction in IT departments because in many ways, the cloud is more business model than IT strategy. Cloud services bring many benefits that allow IT groups to be more strategic about the way they bring value to the enterprise.

Historically, IT staff have a tactical, reactive function: chasing down support issues, responding to trouble tickets, upgrading operating systems with security patches, designing deployments based on requests from internal customers and maintaining and managing IT systems, applications, policies and procedures. The flexible, agile nature of the cloud allows IT departments to be more strategic by proactively selecting and offering infrastructures, platforms, services, applications and partners. Cloud-based services enable IT to evolve from an employee and systems support organization to a business-critical team that contributes revenue streams, drives business outcomes, transforms business processes and delivers innovative customer experiences.

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