A Paradigm Shift: Technology and the Intelligent Campus

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 3.45.17 PMNew technological innovations aren’t just impacting teaching and learning for the better, they’re allowing K-20 institutions to improve efficiencies across every aspect of campus. In fact, a paradigm shift toward intelligent technologies in K-20 education is revolutionizing the physical campus environment. 

Imagine for a moment:

  • A teacher enters a building using her access card; her office lights immediately turn on and the room temperature automatically adjusts.
  • A student witnesses a classmate being bullied and anonymously reports the incident via a customized texting service, which immediately delivers the information to an assistant principal.
  • By eliminating paper copies, a university department is able to convert file cabinet storage space to faculty offices.
  • An armed intruder is reported on campus; administrative officials, security, 911 dispatchers and nearby patrol officers have instant access to the campus’ video surveillance feeds via their mobile devices and laptops.

The possibilities are endless — but without tangible results, they amount to little more than “technology for technology’s sake.” When used effectively, intelligent technologies promote greener, safer, streamlined and more technologically progressive campuses. Learn how innovative technologies are being applied and integrated to create intelligent campuses in this research report

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