10 Criteria for Selecting a Medical Imaging Repository

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 12.58.51 PM copyBy deploying a large-scale longitudinal repository of clinical imaging data, hospital groups, regional healthcare information organizations, or even national healthcare systems can build a foundation for accessing the complete electronic medical imaging record, an investment that allows a single point of integration to image-enable an existing EHR application or physician web portal.

An additional benefit of a consolidated image repository is the reduction or even elimination of the cost of maintaining multiple departmental image archives as well as the expensive and time-consuming data migrations associated with periodic PACS replacement.

A number of commercial enterprise image archive and management solutions are available to healthcare organizations. The purpose of this white paper is to identify and describe the ten key selection criteria we believe are necessary for evaluating and selecting a solution:

  1. PACS Vendor Neutrality
  2. Standards-based
  3. Supports Multiple Imaging Departments
  4. Storage Vendor Neutrality
  5. Enterprise Clinical Visualization
  6. Support for Multiple Patient ID Domains
  7. High Availability Configurations
  8. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance
  9. Massive and Incremental Scalability
  10. Information Lifecycle Management

By using these criteria when evaluating vendors and product offerings, IT departments can select a medical image repository successfully meets the technical, business, and financial requirements of today’s healthcare organization.

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