Healthcare’s “New Normal” and the impact on radiology

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 9.50.51 AM copyU.S. healthcare reform legislation is leading to a “new normal” in healthcare. The emergence of EHRs (electronic health records), HIEs (health information exchanges) and ACOs (accountable care organizations) emphasizes the importance of care coordination across a patient population by facilitating access to patient data across multiple healthcare providers and facilities.

The healthcare industry and its regulators are concerned with the development of EHRs and HIEs to improve patient care, contain costs, achieve federal incentives and prepare for new models of care delivery and payment—such as ACOs—which require data aggregation, care coordination and patient engagement. As these concepts continue to drive the evolution of healthcare delivery, radiologists can expect more changes in the next five years than that in the last 20 combined.

As a starting point, let’s consider the impact of a few reform-driven trends: collaborative care, reimbursement restructuring, patient engagement and data collection and analysis. This solutions brief reviews these and other healthcare trends and discusses how they will impact the field of radiology.


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