Eliminating “Digital Islands” in Breast Imaging

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.46.26 AMThe Cleveland Clinic Women’s Health Institute is dedicated to women’s health and is the home of the Cleveland Clinic Breast Center, which provides services ranging from prevention and detection to surgical and non-surgical breast cancer treatment and reconstruction.

The Breast Center’s goal is to provide the highest quality “women-centered care.” In imaging, the focus is on offering the leading screening and diagnostic techniques, including digital mammography, breast ultrasound, and breast MR. In the past decade, the Breast Center has invested in a range of technology and facility improvements intended to advance the quality of patient care. The facility began converting all mammography modalities to digital, a process that will be fully complete in 2012. They added breast MR as a diagnostic tool and implemented a CAD solution. They also realized the need for dedicated breast imaging and technical support staff and took steps to facilitate patient diagnosis and treatment.

Yet, as the Breast Center continued to grow and drive towards its mission and goals, its imaging workflow did not keep pace. The Breast Center relied on the digital mammography modality-specific review stations to support the radiologists’ reading workflow. Although these types of review stations are common in many breast imaging departments today, by default they do not support an efficient workflow because they are not truly integrated into the digital PACS environment.

Read this customer success story to learn how the Breast Center improved imaging workflow by creating a fully integrated PACS environment that eliminates isolated “digital islands.”

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