The Technology Behind Successful Big Data Initiatives

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 3.44.56 PMGovernment leaders have a vision for transforming public service, and big data is a strategic part of it. However, turning that vision into reality to deliver tangible value for the government enterprise is easier said than done. It shouldn’t be that difficult: after all, big data is an existing asset; it simply needs to be leveraged to yield insights.

But the volume, velocity and variety of data that’s rushing into government agencies is so enormous that many don’t know what do with it. A recent Center for Digital Government (CDG) survey on big data revealed that 50 percent of state and local government respondents strongly agree that their agency is collecting more data today than two years ago. To complicate matters, the ecosystem of hardware, software and services designed to handle and analyze it is brimming with new technologies and vendors.

This policy paper reviews the benefits of big data deployments in government agencies, and presents real-world examples of practical business cases. Because of the breadth and depth of the big data technology landscape, it sheds light on some of the technologies that make it possible. Finally, it identifies key steps that agencies can take to ensure successful big data deployments.

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