Why Creativity is Not Enough

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.40.55 PM“Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity,” says Michael Porter of Harvard Business School. Many companies use an innovation process that relies on ideation and brainstorming to generate creative, high-level concepts that are tested through market research. But even the most creative new products and services may be unsuccessful if the company uses an approach that lacks rigor of process, customer perspective, and scientific experimentation.

Too, creative brainstorming doesn’t work as well for smaller changes that can help companies serve their customers better in an incremental way.

Even though innovation is critical for gaining competitive advantage in a highly global marketplace, an unstructured innovation process is not guaranteed to result in long-term value. A structured innovation process helps companies take innovation from the boardroom to the trenches.

This blog post explains how one company goes beyond traditional innovation techniques using a structured innovation process known as rules developing experimentation (RDE) to help its clients innovate for long-term success.

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